What is VoIP?

Fully-featured VoIP solutions from DogHouse IT Solutions are able to offer your business major cost benefits since it utilizes your Internet connection for all of your organization's communication needs.

Traditional land-line phone systems can limit communication, and even limit your company’s growth. For example, if you need to expand your workforce and add more workstations to your fleet, then you will have to have technicians spend extra time running new land-lines to each workstation.

  • VoIP uses your LAN to transmit data. These are the same lines that run the Internet, which means that, with VoIP, you won’t have to run any extra lines.
  • VoIP is not limited to your local Internet connection, and you can even go wireless and take advantage of your network’s Wi-Fi capabilities! The beauty of VoIP is that you can plug in your IP-enabled phone to an Internet connection from anywhere in the world and use your VoIP phone number.
  • You can also receive calls to your VoIP number from anywhere. This is a great way to stay connected with your office, and your customers, while you’re away at a sales conference or working remotely. Which saves everyone the frustration of playing phone tag.

Our Mobile Solution

Optimize your workplace for remote access.  Mobility grows increasingly more important in today’s business world, and as such, innovators around the world are striving to integrate only the best mobile IT solutions into their corporate infrastructure. When we say “mobile solutions,” we’re talking about taking your business on the road without fear of being disconnected from your mission-critical applications and data infrastructure. Furthermore, we want to improve the security of your mobile network access. DogHouse IT Solutions has several mobile solutions available for the small and medium-sized business, including:

  • Cloud Computing Solutions
  • Mobile Device Management Solutions
  • Secure Mobile Connections

Call DogHouse IT Solutions right now at 931-645-2322 or email us at info@doghouseit.com and let us show you how our VoIP solution can save your organization money and improve communications across the board.